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Built-in Coffee Machine

Your cafe favorites, at the touch of a button.

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Coffee Select

Maximum Flexibility, Maximum Flavor

The Miele Coffee Machine has three separate containers for different types of beans – so you can enjoy your favorite bean variety and create the perfect coffee beverage to suit your taste.

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Aromatic System Fresh

Get the most aroma from your coffee

This dynamic brewing chamber grinds the beans in a unique aroma-preserving way – to give you the freshest and best tasting cup of coffee. By placing the grinder directly above the brew unit, this ensures that no remnants from a previous brewing process remain in the grinder.

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OneTouch for Two

Easily make coffee that’s good for two!

There’s no easier and faster way to make coffee for two, whether it’s espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato. Simply choose a drink program and the OneTouch for Two feature to simultaneously create drinks for you and your coffee partner.


Built-in Coffee Machine

Up to 20 different coffee and tea varieties can be made using the coffee machine!

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Cup Sensor

Automatic height adjustment of the central spout

CupSensor recognizes the height of your cup and adjusts the position of the spout accordingly. The ideal distance not only avoids splattering, but also ensures the perfect coffee temperature and the best possible crema.

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User Profiles

For a personalized coffee experience

Your favorite drinks, just the way you like them. Miele Coffee Machines allow you to create up to 10 individual user profiles to store all the parameters for your favorite drinks: from the amount of ground coffee, water temperature, to the amount and preparation of milk.

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EasyClick Milk System

Easily replace and keep track of your milk

The convenient EasyClick milk system simply clicks into place at the front and is as easily removed. Made from high-quality glass, the transparent milk container allows you to check when your milk needs to be refilled or replenished and allows for easy cleaning.

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AutoDescale and AutoClean

Automatic clean and upkeep

Cleaning and descaling your coffee machine shouldn’t be one of your worries. With Miele’s AutoClean function, the milk pipework and brew unit are cleaned and degreased automatically – keeping the coffee machine clean at all times. And there is no need to spend ages descaling your appliance either: the patented AutoDescale function does it automatically.

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Daily cleaning is easier than ever. Many parts of your Miele coffee machine can easily be removed and are dishwasher safe!

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