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Miele Combi Steam Oven

Unlock the magic of combination cooking: for perfect roasting and baking every time.

Combined for ultimate convenience — Miele’s Generation 7000 Combi Steam Oven merges the functionalities of two kitchen appliances into one powerful machine. Baking, roasting, grilling, and steaming have never been this easy!

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Combination Cooking

Paired for delicious results

Get the optimal mix of moisture and dry heat to achieve the perfect cooking environment for almost any recipe imaginable. Now you can steam, bake, roast and grill all in the same oven! Simply select a preset combination of Steam plus another cooking function to get fork-tender meat, beautifully textured bread, or moist flaky fish topped with crispy skin.

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DualSteam Technology

Fast heat-up time, even steam distribution

Seal in flavor and nutrients with DualSteam Technology. By using two high-speed inlets to inject steam into the oven, you can get gently-treated and perfectly-cooked dishes! Plus, get optimum temperature and humidity control for slow-cooking or sous vide recipes with adjustments as little as one-degree increments.

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Sous Vide

Achieve restaurant-level perfection

A favorite method in high-end cooking establishments, sous vide involves vacuum sealing food in a bag and cooking them at precise, low temperatures. By marinating food in its own juices, you can get intensified flavors and uniformed doneness. Sous vide works perfectly and easily in the Combi Steam Oven. Results are consistent and overcooking is practically impossible.

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Mix and Match

Meal plan made easy

Got a lot of dishes to cook? Miele makes it possible to prepare and cook a variety of dishes all at once. With four mix & match programs, you can create a variety of meals with unprecedented ease and speed — so you can enjoy a healthy meal even when you are short on time.

Your dream kitchen awaits.

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Recipes for every occasion.

From decadent cakes to succulent pork buns, sweet to savory, simple to elaborate, our Miele recipes will surely help you discover dishes for every occasion and taste.

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