Sustainably Stylish: Caring for Your Wardrobe Favorites

Your wardrobe evolves along with your style. While we naturally gain new pieces and let go of old ones over time, it’s always a good idea to invest in timeless pieces that never go out of style. This helps us avoid being wasteful because we cycle through the same clothes much longer.

Prolonging the life cycle of your clothes, and knowing how to take care of them is one way to practice sustainable fashion. Style expert, Amina Aranaz-Alunan, shows us different ways to practice sustainability in the video below!

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Sustainability Never Goes Out Of Style

Sustainability might seem like such a complicated subject–with talks about the value chain and environmental impact. At the root of it, sustainability is all about reducing waste. Simple acts like investing in long-term pieces or knowing how to take proper care of your clothes can make a positive impact in the long run.


Even though trends and fads change over time, it’s good to invest in timeless pieces. When taken care of properly, you can wear these pieces regularly and make them last for years!

At the same time, choosing a machine that takes the uncertainty out of proper laundry care is always a good investment. Miele’s expertise in developing revolutionary technology and durable appliances means that your Miele washer & dryer are built to last.

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We are often hesitant to wear our best clothes for fear of making a laundry error and ruining their quality. You don’t have to worry about this anymore!

With sufficient knowledge of clothing labels and with Miele’s selection of washing and drying programs, taking care of your laundry is easy.

Built to provide the perfect wash, Miele Machines can handle even the most delicate fabrics in your wardrobe. More about how Miele cares for special fabrics here. If you’re unsure of which program to choose, Miele also has a Washing & Drying Assistant feature that recommends the most suitable program for your laundry.

TIP: STAINS ARE A PAIN. Miele offers a list of up to 23 different types of stains from which three can be selected per load or cycle. Choose the right program and your machine will take care of the rest.


Sustainability is a conscious lifestyle–it takes a lot of commitment. Like what Amina said, it involves looking at the entire value chain, and ensuring pieces — even fast fashion pieces — last as long as they can to avoid being wasteful.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if your machines are as conscious as you too? Besides prolonging the life of your clothes, Miele washing machines are also recognized for achieving an A+++ energy efficiency rating and for offering up to 25% savings on electricity.

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Rethink how you do laundry. Let Miele’s washing machines and tumble dryers give your favorite clothes the absolute care they deserve.
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