A Delicate Matter: Washing Special Fabrics

It’s fun to experiment with fashion. Trying out hand-knitted pieces, laces, activewear, and unique textiles like down jackets, silk or wool is a good way to explore your style. These distinct materials are called special fabrics. Originally made for non-apparel use, many of these special fabrics have transitioned over to fashion in recent years.

While handling and maintaining special fabrics may seem daunting, things are not as complicated as they seem. In this episode, fashion expert Amina Aranaz Alunan gives us the low-down on handling and caring for these special fabrics. Watch the video below to learn more!

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Special Care for Special Fabrics

One of the biggest worries we have when buying clothes made with delicate fabrics is how difficult the upkeep will be. While it’s true that they need extra care, these special pieces don’t necessarily need to be hand washed. In fact, handwashing can sometimes cause more damage to your clothes.

This is why using a laundry machine that takes everything into consideration makes a huge difference. With over 120 years of knowledge and expertise. Miele is the perfect partner for laundry care, particularly for special fabrics.


Because each fabric has different properties, material content & weave, it only makes sense that there are different ways to wash and dry each one.

Sorting clothes according to color and the information provided in their care labels is the easiest part of doing your laundry. But when you start thinking about water temperatures, spin cycles, and detergent amounts, it might get a little confusing. Don’t worry, Miele has got you covered.

Our machines come with different programs especially engineered to take care of your precious silks, woolens, and downs! If you’re unsure which program to use for a particular piece of clothing, you can always use Miele’s Wash & Drying Assistant and the machine will choose the most suitable program for you.


Choosing the right detergent is essential in taking care of your clothes. Particularly for special fabrics, some textiles like activewear need odor neutralizers to get rid of oil and sweat stains, while other delicate materials like wool require special ingredients to prevent felting and to keep them in their best condition.

To address these complex needs, Miele developed its own line of detergents that provide thorough cleaning and gentle treatment specifically for challenging textiles. Miele also offers perfectly portioned capsules called CapDosing which are automatically dispensed at the perfect time during the wash cycle.

These Miele detergents are specially formulated to tap the fullest potential of your Miele Washer.


Aside from its impressive range of programs that cover different types of fabrics, Miele washers & dryers are also built to provide gentle laundry care.

Thanks to its special honeycomb drum, Miele washers allow clothes to glide on a thin film of water. These soft ribs and slight depressions on the machine gently cushions the fall of laundry for optimum protection, gentle care, reduced creasing, and easier ironing.

Compared to standard drums, Miele dryers also lift your laundry higher through its outwardly pointing drum structure. This lift allows your clothes to be exposed to warm air even longer which results in more uniform drying and better laundry care.

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Rethink how you do laundry. Let Miele’s washing machines and tumble dryers give your favorite clothes the absolute care they deserve.
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