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C3 Allergy

Designed for those who have allergies or dust sensitivity.

The C3 Allergy comes with a revolutionary sealed system, dust bag and filters, to ensure that dust particles don’t come into contact with its user.

Safety, dependability, and long-lasting durability comes first with the C3 Allergy Vacuum.

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HEPA AirClean filter

Miele’s C3 Allergy Vacuum not only gets rid of pollen, dust mites, and other allergens, it also helps clean the room’s atmosphere. With its HEPA Airclean Filter, more than 99.95 % of all particles are filtered from the surrounding air during vacuuming, including fine dust in your home.
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HyClean 3D Efficiency Dustbags

Miele’s HyClean dustbags closes automatically and locks in the vacuumed dust for good. With its protective netting, it also prevents the bag from ripping and tearing, even if you have vacuumed up sharp items. The smart design of these dustbags allows for easy and hygienic cleaning as it prevents any dust contact during disposal.
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1,500W Maximum Power

Miele C3 Allergy vacuum excels with its first-class suction and cleaning performance. With a motor that generates 1,500-watts of power, it is powerful enough to get rid of even the most stubborn debris and soiling.
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Convenient plus/minus foot controls

The C3 Allergy vacuum makes your convenience a priority. An ergonomic operating concept, the Plus/Minus Foot Controls lets you select the most suitable power level for each floor without having to stoop down to the appliance.
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Comfort Cable Rewind

Rewound and untangle your entire vacuum cable safely and easily with the Comfort Cable Rewind by simply tapping on the designated footswitch – efficient and practical!

The cornerstones of Miele floor care.

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